Town of Stratton, Vermont

Taxes for 2019/20 are due on:
9/16/19 (60%)
2/18/20 (40%)

Tax Payment Information:

1) How to pay by Credit Card

2) How to set up Auto-Pay

Please contact the Stratton Town Office if you have questions.

2019/2020 Tax Rate Order

The 2019/2020 taxes rates are as follows:

Homestead             $2.0230

Non-residential      $1.7966

The 2018/19 tax rates are as follows:

Homestead               $1.7995
Non-residential         $1.7954
(per $100.00 of property assessment)

2017/18 tax rates were:
Homestead               $1.6941
Non-residential         $1.6592

To contact the Vermont Department of Taxes (Click here). 
To file a Homestead Declaration online Click here.

For a helpful guide from the VT Dept. of Taxes regarding Frequently Asked Questions at Tax Time (click here)


Alyson Peterson
9 West Jamaica Road
Stratton, VT 05360
Phone: 802-896-6184
Fax: 802-896-6630


Assistant Treasurer
Candie Bernard
Delinquent Tax Collector - Candie Bernard

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