Kevin Robinson
Fire Warden
619 Stratton-Arlington Rd.
Stratton, VT 05360
(802) 896-6799

Chris Liller
Deputy Fire Warden
6 Pike Hollow Rd.
phone: (802) 896-6203
cell:(802) 380-1328

No BURN PERMITS will be issued until further notice (projected date is May 1, 2020).

Review this entire page before requesting a Burn Permit

Currently, Burn Permits can be obtained from:

Fire Warden

Town of Stratton, Vermont

Municipal Website

For current fire hazard conditions statewide - click here.

The Town Office is also authorized to issue permits, and will do so during normal business hours.
phone: (802) 896-6184

Anyone who has been issued a burn permit should call Mutual Aid at (603) 352-1291 to provide them with the time and location of the permitted burn.  This will prevent an unnecessary emergency response to a permitted burn.

The following conditions apply to all Burn Permits (click here)