School Directors:
Thomas Montemagni
Lorraine Weeks-Newell
Allison Young

Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm  available remotely on ZOOM at

Meeting ID: 761 256 2217

Minutes for the Annual School District Meeting of March 3, 2020 can be found on the Town Meeting / Report page.

School Board Policies:
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Residency Policy

Residency Affidavit

Residency Procedural Guideline [this is not a policy]

Transportation Policy

Tuition Payment Policy

Fraud Prevention

Board Member Conflict of Interest

Winhall Bus Schedule

Winhall Bus Rules

Transportation form

Limited English Proficiency Students Policy

Please see the Town Meeting / Report Page for the minutes of last year's Special School District Meetings.

At the May 7, 2019, School Board Meeting, the Directors considered a revision to the Tuition Payment Policy as follows (see the School Board minutes of May 7, 2019 for results):

Notice of the Tuition Payment Policy amendment meeting.

Option A: Tuition Payment Policy DRAFT

Option B: Tuition Payment Policy DRAFT

In accordance with the recent legislation, known as Act 46, local school districts are moving toward consolidation with other districts.  The Stratton School Board, however, has been allowed by the Agency of Education to remain a single-Town School District.

For minutes of the Merger committee regarding the merger of the Stratton / Winhall / Sandgate school districts:

Meeting 8/3/2017

Meeting 8/16/2017 Agenda

Meeting 8/16/2017

Meeting 9/05/2017 Agenda

GNAT video of 9/05/2017 meeting

Meeting 9/05/2017 - no minutes submitted.

Meeting 9/19/2017 Agenda

The Stratton / Winhall / Sandgate Merger Committee voted on 9/19/17 to discontinue merger negotiations and disbanded.  We have not received minutes for this meeting.

Currently, Stratton is a member of the Windham Central Supervisory Union.  (Please click here for the WCSU website)

School Board Meeting with VT Dept. of Ed. regarding Act 46: April 10, 2018

WCSU Pre-School support program information

Sec. of Education's response / decision regarding Option 1 as part of the considerations taken at the Special School District Meeting of May 7, 2019.

The Stratton School Board continues to examine options to offer the Voters regarding the future of the Stratton School District and its balance between annual budgets and the quality of education made available to its students.

Please "click here" to view guidelines regarding School Designation by a School District. "Click here" to view Superintendent's discussion with the School Board at the meeting of 9/26/2019.

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