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Echoes in the Forest The Family History Supplement
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The Range / Lot Grid Map of Stratton

Additions and Corrections

Daniel Webster at Stratton - GNAT News Project - "Daniel Webster on the Kelley Stand," which includes an interview with Town Clerk and author of the Stratton Town History, Kent Young can be viewed here (click).

Stratton History

Town of Stratton, Vermont

to Stratton's little Genealogy and History Goldmine!

courtesy of the Town Clerk
A summarized transcription of Stratton's Land Records to 1853 (with notations for range and lot location to compare with the map)

A summarized transcription of Stratton's Town Record Books to 1915

Detailed data of Stratton's Federal censuses to 1920

Old Records  of the Church of Christ in Stratton beginning in 1801

For cemetery data look in The History of Stratton Vermont (at left) 

The History and Family History Supplement are also for sale as perfect bound books, available from the Stratton Town Office at $40.00 ea, plus $3.50 ea for postage and handling ($5.00 for two books mailed together). 

History of Stratton Vermont to the End of the Twentieth Century
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