Green Mountain National Forest:  70% of Stratton's 40 sq. mile area is owned by the National Forest.  Grout Pond and Somerset Reservoir are prime locations for swimming, fishing and boating (click here for more information).

The Appalachian Trail, joins with Vermont's Long Trail as it crosses Stratton.  Trail heads are available on the Stratton-Arlington Rd. at the Deerfield River and Black Brook.  The trails progress to the top of Stratton Mountain, location of the Stratton Fire Tower.  Trails are maintained by the Green Mountain Club.  If you make it to the top during the summer, say "Hi!" to the caretakers, Hugh and Jeanne Joudry. 

Stratton Recreation Area 
Located on Old Town Rd., off of the West Jamaica Rd., this area contains a baseball field, a basketball court / skating rink, cross country ski trails, a sledding hill and a playground (for a map of the area, click here).

Stratton Town Forest

The Stratton Town Forest, located on the west side of VT Rte 100, near the Dover Town line, now has hiking and biking trails available, courtesy of the Southern Vermont Trails Assoc., with links to their trail system within the Town of Dover.  A small parking lot for trail users is available just off of VT Rte 100. 

Stratton is crisscrossed by many snowmobile trails.  Users must have the appropriate registrations through VAST (click here) and be a member of a local club.

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Stratton Ski Resort
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