Zoning Ordinance:

Zoning Ordinance (2016) (effective 3/1/2016)

Current Town Road Standards (these standards apply to Private Roads, with reduced width requirements as discussed in the Zoning Regulations [see Section 715 on page 68].  

Zoning Map (2016)

Stratton Town Plan 2020 

Town Plan 2020 Maps

Please note that any construction footprint greater than 100 sq. ft. requires a zoning permit.  Construction less than this must meet all other zoning criteria.  This also means that conversion of non-living space (i.e. garage space or porch / patio space) to living space greater than 100 sq. ft. requires a permit.  Please refer to the Stratton Zoning Ordinance (2016) link given above.  The addition of bedrooms may require an upgrade to the existing septic system, which requires a State Water / Wastewater permit.  Please refer to the State Permit Assistance page shown below.

Permit Applications:

Before starting a project, please review the Building Projects Zoning Summary and Check Sheet for project guidelines (click here)

Residential and Business Energy Codes
By law, we must direct zoning permit applicants to the following website for review of energy codes:
(Residential and Business Energy Codes website)

Fire Safety:
The Vermont Dept. of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety may have jurisdiction over the design / construction of public / business projects, including short-term rental property.
(See their website here)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) general information (click here). 

The Stratton Mountain Volunteer Fire Company
SMVFC highly recommends that a sprinkler system be considered for installation in any new construction, even single family homes.  For more information, please contact the Fire Dept. (see their website here).

Installation of Automatic Fire Alarms must follow requirements established in the Regulation of Private Fire Alarm and Security Gate Systems - this requires installation of a Knox Box keyed for access by the SMVFC.

Additional Permitting:
All new development will likely require permitting for water supply and septic.  Water / Wastewater permits are acquired through the State (see below).

Additionally, your project may require other State Permits.  For example: All Subdivisions must be considered by the Agency of Natural Resources for Water / Wastewater approval and all subdivisions greater than 10 lots are subject to Vermont's Act 250 regulations.  All development, including tear-downs, construction and renovations to pre-existing homes over 2500 ft. will require Act 250 consideration as well.  In Stratton, homes in the upper North Brookwood neighborhood may be subject to this requirement.  For information in determining which State permits are required visit State Permit Assistance  or call (802) 279-4747.

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