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​The 2021 Town Meeting was opened on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 10:00AM, and adjourned to a date / time specific of May 4, 2021 at 10:00am.  The Annual Stratton School District Meeting met at 11:00AM on March 2, 2021 and adjourned to a date / time specific of 10:30am.  These meetings were held at the Stratton Town Hall, 688 Stratton-Arlington Rd. in Stratton.  Please see below for the full combined Stratton Town Meeting of March 2 and May 4, 2021 and the Annual Stratton School District Meeting of March 2 and May 4, 2021. 

Minutes of the March 2 and May 4, 2021 Annual Stratton Town Meeting

Minutes of the March 2 and May 4, 2021 Annual Stratton School District Meeting

COVID 19 Protocol for the 2021 Town and School District Meetings

Warning for Town Meeting March 2, 2021

Warning for the School District Meeting of March 2, 2021

Green Mountain National Forest Town Meeting Report

Voter Checklist

BCA Meeting Notice for 02/22/2021

BCA Meeting Minutes for 02/22/2021

2019-2020 Town Report

Town Report Cover – an Apology and Explanation
To all of you who have seen the Stratton Town Report cover of this year and found it to be offensive, I offer you my sincerest apology.  It was intended to be a bit of shock humor, as explained in its description on the inside of the cover, to promote the preservation of a rural Vermont lifestyle.  It was not an intent to offend anyone, but instead to share what I thought to be a cleverly worded letter which, although a bit harsh, was interpreted to say, “This is a great place to live, please don’t try to change it to be something it is not.”
I am originally from Indiana and have lived all around the country before settling here about 25 years ago and I have ever since enjoyed the close and friendly community we found here.  I love my Town and I love my State and I cherish the amenities of this State, from the voter participation of the Town Meeting style of government to the picturesque little villages scattered across the mountains.
I also want to apologize to the Town’s residents who believe it has diminished the Town’s reputation as an open and welcoming place to live and work.  I hope that anyone who has conducted any business with the Town will confirm that we are, as we have always strived to be, a very friendly and helpful office staff who are willing to go out of our way to be as helpful and accommodating as possible to anyone and everyone.  In fact, the community, itself, has always been welcoming to those who have decided to make this their home.  The vast majority of Stratton’s residents moved here from other areas of the country and a majority of our residents have always supported the very many friends and neighbors who have decided to keep vacation homes here.  We have always supported and accommodated the ski area and the many visitors who come to our Town.
In conclusion, please accept this apology and explanation, as I do understand the criticism of the poor judgment on my part.  I wish everyone well.
Kent Young, Stratton Town Clerk


Minutes of the Town Meeting held on March 3, 2020

Minutes of the Stratton School District Meeting held on March 3, 2020

The 2018 / 2019 Town Report for Town Meeting of March 3, 2020

Green Mountain National Forest Report for Town Meeting 2020

BCA Meeting Notice for 02/24/2020

BCA Meeting 02/24/2020


Special School District Meeting Warning for May 7, 2019

Minutes of the Special School District Meeting of May 7, 2019

Voter Check List - Attendees of the May 7, 2019 Special School District Meeting


The 2016 / 2017 Town Report 

The 2015 / 2016 Town Report

The 2014 / 2015 Town Report

The 2013 / 2014 Town Report

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